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VCF offers multiple Nutrition programs

Green Vegetables Juice

Nutrition is a critical component of any fitness program.

At Victor Community Fitness we take nutrition seriously and have a variety of programs to meet any members' needs. 

Protein Powder

Sports Nutrition

Educates members on the role of Nutrients in their fitness training. Both Macro and Micro. As a result an increase in fitness, confidence and appearance are guaranteed! 

Health Habit Icon (1).png

Holistic Nutrition Therapy

Holistic nutrition therapy offers a root-cause approach that allows us to determine the core cause of any ailment. By supporting the foundations of health we can create lasting wellness. Rather than using conventional medical treatments I teach you how to heal your body with food, plant medicine and individualized lifestyle choices. 

Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner


BS Nutrition and Dietetics


Both work one on one with clients or in groups to develop healthy habits that help you achieve your fitness goals

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