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Coach Josh Dawson

Josh Dawson

Josh has been training at VCF since it started back in 2011. He is CF-L2 certified and has been an active trainer within the Victor community since 2014. Prior to discovering CrossFit, Josh was a college-level athlete and enjoyed exploring different aspects of fitness through various sports.

Josh’s favorite part about Victor Community Fitness is the community. He loves how everyone works together to accomplish their goals on a daily basis. Josh enjoys the competitive nature of CrossFit. Josh’s favorite workouts are “Diane” and “Murph”. He's known for crushing you with a smile during a WOD.

Coach Belavia
Coach John Bellavia

John Bellavia

John has been involved in various sports and fitness programs from his youth through the Army and continues to be very active today. He is CF-L1 certified as well as StrongFirst Kettlebell SFG-1. He is always pushing boundaries and can often be seen swinging from rings or creating a new way to use a Kettlebell.

John loves sharing his athletic passion with friends and family. His favorite workouts are anything involving strict pullups or Turkish get-ups. John particularly enjoys subjecting his classes to questionable music.

Coach Matthew Braun

Matthew Braun

Matthew began his fitness journey at a young age working out with his family. One of his favorite memories was doing P90X in the basement with his father. Matthew began CrossFit at 14 and took to it like a fish to water. He is CF-L1 certified.

Matthew enjoys pushing his limits and competing in the CrossFit Open. He coaches both GritFit and CrossFit as well as Olympic Lifting and Tabata.

Martin has always been extremely active growing up skateboarding, surfing, and playing collegiate football. Once he found CrossFit in 2018 he was hooked and eventually earned his CF-L1 certificate. Martin excels while competing. He can often be found in the top 10% of his age group in the CrossFit Open.


Martin loves being a trainer and an athlete. He also attacks a workout in epic fashion, giving it everything he has got. Martin can often be seen over by the railroad tracks after a challenging workout at times. The area animals love him.

Coach Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson

Coach Sharon Bellavia

Sharon Bellavia

Sharon is an accomplished runner, a mom, and just a good person. Her passion is helping people achieve their fitness dreams. She has been involved in many Victor Athletic programs most notably Cross Country and Indoor and Outdoor Track.


Sharon currently runs both the VCF Cardio Club and Sunday Runday.

Jog on over to see her and you will certainly get a smile.

Coach Cody Webb

Cody Webb

Cody grew up playing soccer, swimming and has always been an active hiker. He joined the VCF family just in time for "The Murph" in 2022. Cody received his CF-L1 in early 2023.


He is enthusiastic to try the more difficult workouts/movements, attacking everything with an "effort" over "talent" mentality.


The VCF family showed up in his life when he needed it most. A long-term goal of his as a coach is to help everyone the way the staff and members have helped him since joining the community.

Coach John Braun

john Braun

John's write-up is on the way...

Coach Gina Braun

Gina Braun

Gina's write-up is on the way...

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