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Here at Victor Community Fitness we offer more than your average gym...
1:1 training, full nutrition 


programs and

VCF member
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Constantly Varied Functional Fitness

GritFit, a combination of strength and interval training

Interval training involving common CrossFit movements

StrongFirst Hard style kettlebell training

VCF proudly partners with The Health Habit to offer members holistic nutrition therapy services.

Cardio Calisthenics, where cardio and body weight training meet

Barbell work. Clean and Jerk, Snatch and all of the skills needed to make those two lifts better.

We are always working on new and exciting things!

Kettlebell expert

Our Expert coaching staff offers

 comprehensive Personal Training programs to fit your needs.

olympic lift expert
group exercise classes
fitness community

Our Philosophy

When you leave VCF, you will eagerly anticipate coming back!


At Victor Community Fitness we take a personal interest in each client's fitness journey. Everyone's fitness needs are different, there is no one size fits all.


Whether that journey then takes you to Personal Training, GritFit, or CrossFit classes each workout will be tailored to your abilities by a professional and personable coaching staff. Safety and skill building are paramount to our program.

Along the way, new friends will be made and VCF will become your fitness home away from home.


Take a life-changing journey with us, we can't wait to welcome you to our community.


A fitness center should be the best part of your day. Improving overall fitness within a great community is what VCF is all about.

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