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Cardio Calisthenics

Cardio Training

Coach Sharon kicked off her first Cardiosthenic in mid September of 2023 after starting a weekly running club for the VCF community.

Her programming prioritizes improving mobility and fostering quality of movement through low-impact body weight exercises.

If you are Looking for programming that marries all things cardio (running, rowing, ski, biking, etc. ) with the safety and effectiveness of Calisthenics (body weight training) then VCF’s Cardiosthenics class is the perfect fit for you! 

team workout

This new program offering is sure to jump start your fitness journey or elevate your current fitness level. With a focus on mobility, quality of movement, group accountability in a high energy charged gym setting what is not to Love! 

By focusing on body weight (Calisthenic) movements you give yourself the opportunity to improve your form/technique while building your mind-body connection.

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm to experience Cardio Calisthenics 

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