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CrossFit involves a number of different movements from three basic disciplines. Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and Cardiovascular training.  Movements are constantly varied to provide consistent fitness challenges and results that speak for themselves.

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A core concept within CrossFit is Functional Movements. These are simply variations of everyday movements. CrossFit aims to improve your ability to handle every day life!

I heard CrossFit is only for elite level athletes...


FALSE! CrossFit offers something for every level of fitness from beginner to advanced. Every workout will help you build ability and confidence.  

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I heard people get hurt doing CrossFit.


This is rare if you have a competent and qualified coaching staff. VCF certainly has that! We emphasize safe, efficient movements that grow with your fitness level. CrossFit actually prevents injuries by improving your strength, coordination and balance.

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I've heard CrossFiit has a weird, closed-group vibe... I wouldn't feel welcome.

Nothing is further from the truth. Victor Community Fitness is a welcoming community. Many of us met here and have become lifelong friends. Every new member is welcomed to our family with open arms.

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