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StrongFirst Kettlebell Class
Victor Community Fitness
Strength building


Creating a Supportive Community of Individuals and Families Looking to Build their Health and Improve their Lives.

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your gym felt like your home away from home?


What if it became a place where you formed genuine friendships. A safe space where you really feel that you belong. In a place like that, you could really feel safe to challenge yourself. You could achieve your health and fitness goals while also fulfilling yourself emotionally and socially. Does that sound pretty good to you? Us too, that is precisely why we are here and why our clients show up to classes. 

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Bringing Health-Focused Individuals Together Into One Supportive Community 

Why choose VCF?

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FREE Access to

In-Body Scans 


All-inclusive Community

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Knowledgable Trainers

Family and Veteran Owned

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 Functional Fitness

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What are In-Body Scans?
In-body Scanners offer Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology which provides accurate, quick, and non-invasive insight into your body composition. 

But Wait... We Can Sweeten the Deal Even More!

All Membership Plans give you unlimited access to our facility!  Meaning you can come workout anytime outside of our class hours for no additional charge.

Why? Because profits are not our goal. We are truly here for the success of our community. Not sure if you believe us? Our pricing speaks for itself. You won't find more affordable rates at other group-based fitness gyms.  


Hight Intensity Functional Fitness is all about constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements. You will be constantly challenged by Olympic lifts, power lifts, gymnastic movements and everything in-between. If you are looking for intensity without focusing on barbell movements, then GritFit will be right up your alley. Looking to minimize your use of weights in general? Then we have you covered with our Cardio Calisthenics classes. Cardio Calisthenics combines cardio (running, rowing, biking etc.) with the safety and effectiveness of calisthenics (aka body weight training). These classes place a focus on mobility and quality of movement. Worried you cant keep the intensity up for long durations? Then 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off should help build your confidence and endurance. That is exactly what you find in our Tabata classes. Really want to switch things up, build core and full-body strength? Then give our StrongFirst Hard Style Kettlebell classes a try. 

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VCF Also Proudly Partners with The Health Habit LLC to Offer Holistic Health Services to Our Clients.


  • No mirrors. 

  • No judgements.

  • The only machines we have are our Row ERG, Ski ERG and Assault bikes. Why? Because they offer full body benefits and functional fitness is our bread and butter!

  • Squat racks, power rigs and pullup bars galore. 

  • We have free weights ranging from 10-100 pounds - This includes barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells.

  • All necessary accessory items: jump ropes, gymnast rings, ab mats, resistance bands etc. 

  • We have play area for kids. We encourage our members to bring their children so that they don't need to sacrifice their fitness for their parenting duties. 

  • Bathrooms that include a shower. 

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